By the time kids reach their tweens, they don't always want mommy to step in and fix things, even when it comes to bullying. But, standing by and watching your youngster stand up against bullying for himself or others without guidance isn't the answer either. So, before you risk alienating yourself from your child by trying to fix it all, discover four kids' resources to fight back against bullying... safely.


The National Crime Prevention Council reports that fear of becoming the next victim is the main reason kids do not stand up to bullies. However, with online resources such as, kids can anonymously report bullying without the fear of retribution. "When 160,000 kids skip school every day because they don't feel safe, something has to be done to put the power back into the students' hands," says Sprigeo founder Joe Bruzzese. "With online reporting options, students are 80 percent more likely to report a bullying incident or school safety threat, making kids feel safer at school and less likely to engage in bullying behavior knowing that they will be held accountable for their behavior."


The National Bullying Prevention Center offers kids an online resource against bullying for kids, tweens and teens at The anti-bullying website educates students on how to spot bullying, tips to stop and report bullying, videos and stories about bullying and encourages kids to get involved in anti-bullying programs. Kids can also play games that reinforce the anti-bullying tips and messages. This bully prevention website for kids also features videos of Hollywood kids speaking out against this growing trend within our schools.


The government-administered anti-bullying website gives kids information and tips on how to deal with bullying, whether you're a victim of a bully or a bystander wanting to help stop the cycle of intimidation. Videos also give kids common bullying scenarios followed by quiz questions to guide students on the right thing to do in those situations. There are also a couple of games that reinforce the message of anti-bullying.


Geared toward tweens and teens, the website provides kids information about the latest form of bullying: cyberbullying. Whether a child is targeted via the internet, cell phone, messenger or other forms of technology, the website lets youngsters easily access information about what is cyberbullying, how it works, how to prevent cyberbullying and what to do if you're cyberbullied.

While 73 percent of teens polled by say that the best way to stop bullying is to step in when it happens, these five kids' resources to fight back against bullying can give kids tips, tools and options for reporting bullying even when they're too afraid to intervene or stand up for themselves.

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