Posted: May 28, 2012 7:00 AM
Everyone loves a fun children's birthday party! In Hollywood the kids get more than just hot dogs and homemade cupcakes! From $100,000 extravagant affairs -- when Suri Cruise turned two, themed and catered events like that of Stella McDermott's third birthday, to Cruz Beckham's costume party in Beverly Hills -- here's your invitation into the birthday bashes of Tinseltown's tots, courtesy of Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Jesse & Journey Ortiz

What a party! Former porn star Jenna Jameson and partner Tito Ortiz threw a huge bash to mark their twin sons' (Jesse and Journey) second birthdays.

The couple went all out for their boys' big day, celebrating with a bouncy castle and slide, balloon animals, tons of toys and a Sesame Street-themed cake. Though a neighbor's noise complaint resulted in a brief visit by the police, Jesse and Journey appeared to have a great day.

And while the boys were only turning 2, their mom has high hopes for them already.

"First they’ve got to get their master’s degree. Then if they want to fight, 100 percent yes," Jenna said (their dad Tito is a UFC fighter). "I want doctors,” she added.

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Kristin Bustamante May 03, 2012
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Birthday parties are becoming such a huge deal...for one year olds! We did a huge bash both times because you want to share the day with friends and family, but they really don't have a clue if there was a pony ride and bounce house or not! Keep the focus on the kid, not the celebration!