With a simple cookie dough recipe, colorful frosting and a variety of sprinkles, you'll be hosting your Valentine's Day cookie decorating party with ease! These perfect tips will keep your party running smoothly, your guests happy and your home (almost) stick and mess free. Let's get started!

A house filled with children and cookies screams Valentine's Day. It also screams big mess! But it doesn't have to be that way. These tips will keep your cookie decorating party simpler and cleaner than you'd think, and leave you able to enjoy the sweetness and fun with your little ones and their friends.

cookie decorating party supplies

What you'll need

  • An easy cookie dough recipe — I love Ree Drummond's for the simple ingredients, the please-everyone flavor and the sheer amount one recipe makes.
  • Icing in a variety of colors — Start with a basic white icing such as Sara Wells' and use food coloring to create colorful choices.
  • A handful of organization helpers — Cookie cutters, food coloring, a disposable tablecloth, squeeze bottles, a variety of sprinkles and muffin tins or ice cube trays.

cookie decorating party collage

What you'll do

  1. Pre-make your cookie dough and chill or freeze it until you're ready to use it. Also consider refrigerating your cookies before decorating. Cold cookies cut and decorate extremely well.
  2. Fill your squeeze bottles with icing and chill the full bottles. This will make your decorating cleaner and your decorators more successful.
  3. Sort your sprinkles into several ice cube trays or muffin tins that can be spread out and shared by many little hands.
  4. Cover your table with a disposable tablecloth for quick clean-up.

One more thought

After all of the decorating fun, consider having everyone enjoy a cookie together and take the rest home. Set aside paper plates or small plastic bags for easy cookie transport. Once all of your guests and cookies have left, sit back in your clean kitchen and pat yourself on the back. A cookie decorating party is no small feat, but is definitely a worthy memory-maker.

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Sarah Caron February 07, 2013
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What a fun idea. My kids adore when we decorate cookies.
Kim Grundy February 05, 2013
0 0
Great ideas! My kids will love this!
Alison Lee February 04, 2013
0 0
What a fun sweet idea!
Christine Yu February 04, 2013
0 0
I love this idea! I never thought to do a Valentine's cookie decorate party. Thanks Galit!
Angela Amman February 04, 2013
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Any excuse to decorate cookies is a good one!
Lisa Steinke February 04, 2013
0 0
This will be so much fun. Definitely going to do this with the kids!