Posted: Dec 06, 2012 8:00 AM
One of our favorite holiday traditions is the sending and receiving of cards. We love opening the mailbox to find greetings from favorite families and friends, but creating those cards can be hectic! No worries — we’ve made it easy for you this year.

Customizing your holiday cards is easy, when you have the right friends. We gathered three of our favorite graphic design peeps and asked them to create a few fun card templates — custom made just for allParenting readers. Visit one of their sites, download the template you like using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Gimp... customize them and you're set! This is one holiday to-do you can cross off as done.

Jess card template


Jess is the adorable ball of energy behind the blog irocksowhat. She started blogging a few years ago as a way to reach out to friends and family. It's evolved and has now become her creative outlet and she loves it! Jess blogs about her life, her family and her passion for art and design. She has designed these two brightly-colored folded cards that can be customized however you would like. Visit this post on her site where you can download these fun cards.

...we were too busy shoving black olives onto the tips of our fingers.

We asked Jess about a favorite holiday memory, and here's what she remembered. "Christmas in my family always meant olive trays! My grandmother would have an assortment of olives out on the table during her Christmas Eve parties. My cousins and I would eat a ton! She'd always get mad and tell us to let others get a chance to get some, but we were too busy shoving black olives onto the tips of our fingers. Being a kid at Christmas (or any time) was awesome!"

Project Alicia cards

Project Alicia

Alicia is a 39-year-old mom of two, wife of 20 years and recent transplant to the beautiful state of South Carolina — home to Southern hospitality, overly zealous palmetto bugs (aka flying roaches) and a language all their own. Her blog Project Alicia is dedicated to her photography journey, recipe blunders, decorating faux pas, scrapbooking attempts, organizing tips, mothering mishaps, seasonal challenges, trips, tutorials for dummies, freebies and everything in between. She likes to be doing something always. Alicia created two beautiful two-sided cards for our readers, which you can download on her blog at this post.

Regardless of what was going on, we always hosted a big get-together to reenact the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve.

Alicia shared some memories of her childhood Christmases with us. "Not sure how my mother managed to make Christmas seem so effortless with six kids through the years. Regardless of what was going on, we always hosted a big get-together to reenact the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve with friends and family. One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year I woke to a homemade Cabbage Patch Doll. My mother was working full time and used every spare moment to stitch her together up until the night before. Although I no longer have the doll, I will always carry the memory with me. I can only hope to be able to give my children such lasting impressions."

Am I a funny girl CHristmas card

Am I a Funny Girl?

Oh yes, Lizz — you certainly are! Lizz is a mom, wife, photographer, baker, writer, social media geek, Giants fan, kidney transplant recipient and friend (but not necessarily in that order). Also, she is taller in real life than she appears on the internet. Lizz started Am I a Funny Girl? in 2005, and thought she was late to the blogging trend. Her blog has filled many needs for her: a scrapbooking blog, a wedding planning blog, a new mom blog and now it has become a place for all things that she finds interesting or feels like writing about. She has created a cute Christmas tree photo card to share with allParenting readers this season, which you can download by visiting this post on her blog.

It's an excuse to bake all those things I've been pinning all year.

We asked Lizz about some special Christmas memories. "I love Christmas! It's an excuse to bake all those things I've been pinning all year, and giving gifts to people I love is one of my most favorite things. I'm so excited to be hosting at our house this year — all of Max's grandparents and most of our local extended family will fill our house to the rafters with love and laughs... I can't wait!"

So go check out the fun cards these ladies have created just for our readers, add your own personal touch and send them out! Now you have more time for shopping.

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Nichole Beaudry December 06, 2012
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Love these designs, Sherri! I've always wished I was talented enough to create one of these.