If you’re one of the 85 percent of women wearing the wrong bra size, it’s time to drop what you’re doing and go get fit. Susan Nethero, known to millions as the Bra Whisperer, offers insight on how the right fit not only boosts your bust, it can also make you look up to 10 pounds thinner.

If your idea of a bra fitting is being wrapped in measuring tape, you might want to go see the Bra Whisperer. Susan Nethero, Oprah's go-to bra expert and founder of Intimacy, has been helping women get the proper bra fit for more than 15 years. The first thing she'll tell you? Ditch the measuring tape and seek a one-on-one expert fitting. Here are some of her top tips.

Cut your straps some slack

If you find yourself constantly tightening your straps to try and get more support, odds are you need to go down one band size. Your band should be responsible for 90 percent of your bra's support, with only 10 percent of the support coming from your straps. A snug-fitting band in your proper size will give you lift and support without taxing your neck and shoulders.

Lift vs. minimize

If you'd like to create the appearance of a smaller bust, don't reach for a minimizer-style bra. By compressing breast tissue, minimizers increase the surface area of your chest and end up making you look wider. Instead, lift and center the breast tissue to visually lengthen your torso. Nethero says that the proper fit and the right style of bra can make you look longer and up to 10 pounds thinner.

Banish back fat with a snug band

Many women think that wearing a bra that's tight around the torso will create unsightly back fat. In fact, the opposite is true. A proper-fitting bra with a snug band that fits level (front to back) and midway between your shoulders and elbows decreases the appearance of back fat. A loose-fitting band can ride up your back and actually create back fat.

While giving the appearance that you've shed a few pounds just by sporting the right bra is always a good thing but the value of a proper bra fit goes way beyond appearances. Finally feeling comfortable in the right-fitting bra will do wonders for your neck, back, shoulders and your self-esteem!

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Jennifer Chidester May 26, 2012
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Thanks everyone! While you're in there, get fit for a sports bra, too. I learned a lot from Susan about the wrong sports bras (like the ones we all wear with no cups), compression & damaging breast tissue. One of those things you don't think of, but your girls suffer later ;)
Anonymous May 25, 2012
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Yes! I had a baby last October and I definitely need a re-fit about two pregnancies. The up and down and up and down has made me not want to invest in nice bras, but now my time is up. I notice that my clothes look horrible with ill-fitting undergarments.
Lisa Steinke May 23, 2012
0 0
OMG how I needed this! I just went bra shopping for the first time in *gulp* six years. Thank you!!
live.Mom.work Chidester May 23, 2012
0 0
Thanks, Laura! Once you wear the right bra, you'll never be able to go back. And definitely get fit (Thanks, Kristin!) during and after pregnancy. Things (ah-hem) definitely change!
Laura Willard May 22, 2012
0 0
So helpful!!!
Kristin Bustamante May 22, 2012
0 0
And definitely go in for a re-fit after a pregnancy, things never seem to be quite the same again!